Online Men’s Gathering

The Online Launch Party

The Schedule:

Date: Thursday, 26th November 2020
Time: WA: 4:30 – 6:30pm  |  NT: 6:00 – 8:00pm  |  QLD: 6:30 – 8:30pm  |   SA: 7:00 – 9:00pm  |  VIC/NSW/ACT: 7:30 – 9:30pm  | NZ: 9:30 – 11:30pm

Opening – 15 Minutes
Keynote – 15 Minutes
Choose a Workshop – 75 Minutes
The Vision for next year’s Event – 15 Minutes

The Keynote:

Warriors of the Human Sprit

A new story for men & manhood in the decade of transition.

“There is a field out there beyond right and wrong – I will meet you there”

A new story for men is being forged and birthed through the multiple tsunamis of COVID, economic shifts and climate change.

It is a calling to become a warrior of the human spirit with internal weapons of insight, compassion and joy.

It is a calling to be in our essence. To protect and celebrate all life for current and future generations.

Gilbert is recognised locally and Internationally as a leading voice in Placemaking and the creation of vibrant, resilient and loved places. He is a sought after speaker and skilled facilitator for community and stakeholder engagement activities and has worked with over 1000 cities, towns, mainstreets and communities over the past 25 years. Gilbertco-founded the EPOCH Foundation promoting the adoption of business ethics. He has been on the boards of Ross House, Donkey Wheel House Trust and Hub Australia. Gilbert leads a multi-disciplinary team of Placemakers, researchers and designers.

Gilbert is a Deep Ecologist and regenerative practitioner. He is a facilitator and holder of space for transformative change. A passionate advocate for a new story where we can all live out our purposes in harmony with all living beings.

The Workshops:

Harmonic Leadership: A New Way To Lead

Learning the leadership to solve any issue at a community level, within a global context. Everyone is (you are) needed to make this happen.

All issues on the planet can be solved at a community level within a global context. Money is not the issue, nor technology. The paradigm of leadership at all levels of society requires a fundamental shift embracing the ancient teachings of the first nations and mystery schools, coupled with practical application within the modern context.

You are important – No, Key, to this shift.

Harmonic Leadership is a paradigm of BEing as a person and leader to enable a unified approach to create a harmonic impact in your environment of choice.

This workshop introduces the key stages of HL: Purify Self; Unify Team; Amplify Impact and provides participants practical steps and inspiration for becoming part of the harmonic shift in human consciousness.

James Greenshields is the co-founder, with his wife Kirsty, of Resilient Leaders Foundation.

Together as a dynamic team, they have touched 1000’s of Australians with their open-hearted approach to life, and their positive example of how to live a life of impact. They’ve also reached 1000’s internationally through the power of social media, others’ podcasts, and have been regulars on some international radio and internet radio platforms.

James retired from military service in 2010, after returning from service in Iraq in 2006/7, as the commander of 100 troops. During his tour, his armoured vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. When he returned, aside from his shrapnel wounds, most of his wounds were unseen. He experienced severe depression and post traumatic stress. This began the couple’s process of healing, to the point of post traumatic growth and beyond, which inspired them to eventually help others to heal.
At Resilient Leaders Foundation we use the term ‘Harmonic Leadership’, which is not a model, but a paradigm of leadership for a new world, outside of outdated systemic practices.

The Resilient Leaders Foundation is an Australian national harm prevention charity. All activities are aligned with the charitable purpose of the foundation and all donations are gratefully received and put to use. All programs and activities have been developed as a result of the desire to contribute to the prevention of domestic violence, youth suicide, depression and familial dysfunction.

Be Your Own Hero

Develop the courage to face facts, know yourself and have a solid plan to get your needs met & feel actualised in the world.

Fear of emotions makes us avoidant.
Avoiding conflict means we are less versatile in the world, if we shy away from opportunities.

I failed year 12 because my anxiety got so bad I became agoraphobic and wouldn’t leave the house.
It took about 2 years to get my health on track and develop the persistent bravery to push past the doubt and participate and have rewarding experiences in the world.

Versatility is survival. The more versatile we are in the world, the safer people feel with us.

I’ve helped countless people actualise their potential and know-themselves and live their purpose.
It starts with facing facts and it ends with the world meeting you halfway.

Are you tired of banging your head against the wall, or pushing sh*t uphill, wondering why you can’t fix the one blind-spot?

– Know yourself, know your purpose
– Feel confident and on track
– Know your needs, have a solid plan to get them met and to feel actualised in the world.

End the Fear of Success, get aligned with your purpose. Be so congruent that you live your purpose with EASE.

Qigong teacher
Life coach
Published Author
Social media nuisance


Great skills, tools, tricks and clues of presence and power – taken from martial art, yoga, dance and shamanic and tantric practices…

You will have seen men who have a certain presence. It is in the way they walk, stand, talk, the independence of their emotional life, their sexual virility, a certain ‘cool’, élan. This is the strength of their Spirit. Presence is their natural state.

Sink into your own nature with the pleasure of being…

Loose clothes, yoga mat, water and enough space to move and video.

Rudran Brannock

Rudran has taught Aikido and Yoga; is a counsellor, rebirther, body and energy worker and a social artist, as well as an advanced student of tantric and shamanic practices.
He is trained in and teaches “Real Relating” circle work

Rudran ran men’s workshops for over 20 years including a 7-day retreat every December for 11 years. He gave the name “Manshine” to the Sunshine Coast men’s gathering in the year 2000.
He also ran women’s workshops called “Relating With Men.”

His work has been synthesized into a form called Tanaiki, which is a shamanic and yogic journey into human adulthood.

He is an occasional consulting editor for Living Now magazine on matters Masculine and Feminine.

Sharing Circles

Join a Sharing Circle to experience the power of men sharing their lives together.

Sharing Circles are open to all men for:

  • Meaningful connection with other men
  • Respectful conversation; and
  • Honest sharing of experiences and challenges

Joining a Sharing Circle needs no prior experience but if you are experienced with men’s groups we would also love you to join in. Your presence gives others a sense of the great community our men’s groups foster.

Sharing Circles are an opportunity to connect with other good men while supported by experienced facilitators. In Circle we will talk, listen, and share our experiences and our challenges. This is a space where you can put down your armour and be your real self – no judgement, no advice, no bullshit. Circles have no more than 10 men each.

Options 1: Beginner group(s).
This is for you if you want to explore what a men’s sharing circle is all about. Here you will find out how sharing circles work and get a taste of the experience. You can share as much as you feel comfortable. Experienced men are welcome to join to add the value of your presence.

Option 2: Experienced group(s).
This is for you if you are experienced with men’s groups. Whether it has been a short or long time since your last sharing circle, you want to check in, share what is going on for you at the moment and be strengthened and give strength as you witness other men sharing.

What men say about Sharing Circles:
“Sometimes I’m not ok. Sometimes I’m so sad”
“Talking with other men really made a difference”
“I felt like I was understood, you know…and it’s been a while..”
“Why didn’t I do this sooner?”
“I used to feel like it was just me, but not anymore”

If you can’t make the Sharing Circles or want to explore other opportunities for sharing circles then check out the Men’s Wellbeing website and look for the Online Open Men’s Groups:


About this speaker, and what he will teach.


About this speaker, and what he will teach.


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About this speaker, and what he will teach.

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