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The Online Men’s Gathering

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3 Days: Keynotes | Workshops  |  Sharing Circles  |  Networking

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Men across societies and the ages have always come together to pass on the knowledge, clues, tools and secrets of being vibrant, dynamic men in the world. We are continuing this tradition.

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What is it?

A Men’s Gathering is a safe & welcoming space for men to come together in love & support for one another. A space where we can spend time being instead of always doing.

Our Men’s Gathering is open to all men from any background, religious, political or sexual persuasion. We encourage men to feel free and be real with themselves and others in a supportive environment.

Why is it needed?

As technology evolves & the world becomes smaller, ironically many men feel more confused & dislocated than ever. We’re doing our best but sometimes we wonder if anyone really understands us.

With Covid19 keeping many of us apart, it’s time to gather online, support one another & share & learn with other men who are also on the path to be better men in the world.

Or you could skip it, drown yourself in beer, numb yourself with Netflix & hope someone or something else fixes it all.

Rites of Passage & Eldership
Movement & Embodiment
Art & Creativity
Mental & Emotional Wellbeing
Sexuality & Intimacy
Financial Wellbeing
Leadership & Purpose

Choose what interests you

We have a smorgasbord of topics, talks, workshops and sharing circles across a range of times and days, so you can pick & choose what interests you.

Sessions are divided into 8 streams to make it easy to find ones you’ll love. You can come & go as you please to make the most of the gathering.

Why attend?

You. Yes you. We want you to join us. We’d like to see you there.

You’re going through the daily grind. You have your struggles. Maybe you know what your identity and purpose as a man is, maybe you don’t.

We want you to experience amazing workshops, gain new insight into yourself, explore your identity and how you interact with others & the world, and to celebrate & strengthen your mind, your body & your heart.

We invite you to join a sharing-circle to share yourself & your story, from what is sitting heavy in your heart to what helps it soar. We’ll create the space for you to be exactly who you are, without any masks and personas, and the chance to witness & be witnessed amongst a group of supportive men.

We all have a lot of sh*t to deal with in our day-to-day lives and too often as Men we try to go it alone.
We hope you’ll join us as brothers on the road to becoming happier, healthier & heartier men for the good of ourselves and the world.



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What men have said about this work

I had been in the armed forces, was a Dad and trained in martial arts but there was something missing in my life as a man. I started my men’s work 25 years ago and it wasn’t long before I was secure in who I was as a man, secure in my relating and clear on my life goals. As I enter into Eldership I try to pass on the benefits of hanging with conscious leaning men to the younger ones coming up.

Community is richer, sex is richer, my relationship with nature is richer and my conditioning moments are richer…worth it…

 – Rudran Brannock

Something magic happens when good men come together in love & respect to support, encourage & inspire each other. For me, it’s been a huge relief to finally be able to be myself in a group of men with no fear of being judged, shamed or ridiculed.

It’s not only helped me heal my past, it’s also inspired me to become a better man each & every day. I want all men to have the opportunity to share that space and feel the love and support of their brothers.

 – Richmond Heath

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Who We Are:


I want to help create a space where Men can come together to experience the love & support of their brothers & the freedom to be fully themselves in & for the world.


My passion is men's work, and this is an opportunity for me to live my passion while building something of enduring value.


Men supporting each other to be the best we can be is a beautiful thing.


I want to help myself & other men become grounded, powerful & healthy in our masculinity.


I'm involved because....amazing things happen when men are given an opportunity to let their masks down and authentically connect with other men.


Connecting with 10 Million Men, ​with purpose and direction ​to make a difference in their Health and Lives.


Serving men to serve our world whilst helping myself to gain valuable skills and insight in becoming the man I can be.


As a Counsellor I know too well the challenges men face and the necessity for us to support each other. Offering service ‘Connecting Men For A Better World’ via the Online Men’s Gathering is an absolute honour!