Online Men’s Gathering

A Telling of The Lindworm Myth

Workshop Presenter: Nathan Meola
Workshop Description:

This workshop is a telling of a potent and powerful myth called ‘The Lindworm’ and subsequent guided discussion about the themes and images that arise for the men.

It is a journey into the non-ordinary world of the mythic imagination and introduction to the importance of this work particularly for men in these troubled times.

I am heavily influenced by the work of Dr. Martin Shaw (Courting The Wild Twin), Robert Bly (Iron John), Michael Meade (The Genius Myth), and James Hillman (The Soul’s Code).

Experience Level: Beginner

Physical Involvement: Sitting

Emotional Intensity: Likely Neutral

Categories: Relationships & Communication, Rites of Passage, Initiation & Maturation, Sovereignty & Self-Authorship

About Nathan:

Nathan Meola is a mindset coach, workshop and retreat facilitator, and storyteller.

He heads up the Sydney arm of Warrior Within, a men’s organisation that expands on the work of Robert Bly, Michael Meade, and James Hillman, using a mythopoetic understanding and the extensive use of archetypal and ancient wisdom to offer men an opportunity to turn inward and embody their highest expression. Through a partnership with the Minnesota Men’s Conference, we aim to introduce more men to this work in the coming years.

In 2019 Nathan organised a one-day men’s gathering in Sydney that brought together over 100 men to experience the medicine of brotherhood and hosts monthly men’s circles.

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