Online Men’s Gathering

‘The Trouble with Women!’
The Mature Masculine and Tales from the Female Perspective

Workshop Presenter: Dan Hanson
Workshop Description:

What is it that women want from men? Do women even know what they want? And why is it sometimes so hard to provide it, whatever the elusive ‘it’ might be?

We will begin with real quotes and videos from women, relating to “what do modern women really want, or need from men”, and what happens for them when their needs are not met.

After hearing from the women, we will attempt to define what a ‘psychologically healthy’ mature man might be using the Jungian archetypical framework. This is the man who is able to have the self awareness and presence to see his own shadow and provide some or all of the things that many women desire in their relationships with men. This will be part experiential and part informational.

We will end with some real tools and exercises that can be practised or used to attempt to nurture healthy relationships with women.

This workshop may appear to be ‘gender-normative’, ‘hetero-normative’ or ‘gender biased’. While language such as men and women is used to generalise, the content may apply to any relationship where there is a ‘masculine-feminine’ dynamic at play.

And what happens when either party is not aware of their psychological ‘blind spots’? A.k.a shadow / wounding.

Experience Level: Intermediate

Physical Involvement: Sitting

Emotional Intensity: Potentially Triggering

Categories: Relationships & Communication, Sexuality & Intimacy, Rites of Passage, Initiation & Maturation, Emotional Development, Sovereignty & Self-Authorship

About Dan:

Dan creates transformative spaces using self-awareness workshops, coupled with the power of breathwork and cold exposure to assist with the life-long process of self-actualization. To this aim he is co-founder of MENifesto.

MENifesto offers workshops, retreats and mentorship to assist men with the self-awareness required to have greater mastery of life, so they may enjoy greater connection to self and to others. Knowing the self and finding the gold in the story, plus integration with the feminine is at the core of their philosophy. 

He is a lead facilitator for The ‘Common Ground’ men’s program, and facilitator for ‘The Rites Of Passage Institute’ father-son camps.

Dan is inventor of SleepYstrip tape – a novel device to help reduce snoring, and is a qualified Buteyko Institute Breathing Educator working to reduce symptoms of asthma, snoring and sleep apnoea. Dan is the first Buteyko Institute Breathing Educator in the world to also study with the Wim Hof Academy after becoming a Wim Hof Instructor in training in 2020.

In his other work, for 1 day a week Dan works in a multi-disciplinary team performing laser oral surgery to assist mothers and infants suffering from breastfeeding dysfunction. He lectures professionally to international audiences of health professionals on subjects including snoring, sleep apnoea and tongue tie.

Dan has been with his wife Rach since 2002 and enjoys using his relationship with her to continuously explore his own areas for emotional and spiritual growth while having fun ‘doing life’ together.

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