Online Men’s Gathering

Keynote: The Road to Manhood

Speaker: Steve Biddulph
Keynote Description:

What does a whole, fully alive man look like?
Why do things go so badly so often with men and women?
What are we in this world for?

This presentation with interactive time built in will get you enlivened and primed for the rich feast of ideas and connection that follow over the weekend & will include key ideas from Steve’s latest work on ‘a new way of using your mind’ to be more fully human.

About Steve:

Steve Biddulph’s books Manhood and Raising Boys brought about a huge change in how we see ourselves, our sons and our fathers, and have provoked tears of relief and laughter of recognition in millions of readers worldwide.

Steve is disarmingly honest, deceptively gentle, and able to navigate the depths of being male with simplicity and ease. He has worked as a psychologist and educator worldwide for nearly 40 years, including in prisons, with police and war veterans as well as regular families and men’s groups.

“Electrifying” – UK Telegraph 

“A cross between Billy Connolly and Doctor Spock” – UK Guardian 

“He’s so uncool he’s cool” – overheard from a teenage audience.

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