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Moving Towards a Healthier Body and Mind

Workshop Presenter: Michael Murphy
Workshop Description:

Movement has been proven to have a positive effect on both men’s physical and mental health.

Movement has shown to reduce the risk heart disease, metabolic diseases, colon cancer and some other forms of cancer. Research also tells us the movement has a positive effect on our mental health as a result of the release of feel good hormones, sense of accomplishment and the connection they make with others in the gym.

We also know that movement can play an important role in our later years allowing men to maintain their independence.

With our busy lifestyle it can sometimes be hard to fit movement into our busy schedule. This workshop will go through the different kinds of movement we can do and how we can fit it into our busy lifestyle.

Experience Level: Beginner

Physical Involvement: Some Movement

Emotional Intensity: Likely Neutral

Categories: Movement & Embodiment

From Michael:

My name is Michael. I am the founder of Beyond the Barbell Inc, a not-for-profit that focuses on movement for both men’s physical and mental health.

I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years having worked a variety of different roles including working in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation hospital delivery physical activity programs, I’ve worked with elite athletes, have lectured on exercise programming at university and helped 100s of everyday people move their way to a healthier body and mind.

I am passionate about men using movement to live fuller, longer lives while being role models for our younger generation.

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