Online Men’s Gathering

A Dad’s Journey

Workshop Presenter: Vern Hardie
Workshop Description:

This workshop will be a facilitated forum for Men interested in discussing their journeys as Fathers.

How do we navigate the journey of Fatherhood?
How can we be authentic, heart-felt, present and loving Fathers?
How can we build real relationships with our children?
How do we find time for ourselves and our own personal journey?

Through discussion and play, we will talk strategies and tips for Dads to be the best that they can be. This session is for Fathers or those wanting to be a Father.

Experience Level: Beginner

Physical Involvement: Sitting

Emotional Intensity: Likely Neutral

Categories: Relationships & Communication, Leadership & Purpose

About Vern:

Vern Hardie lives in Bendigo and is the father of a blended family of tweens and teens.

He is a Teacher and ex-Principal and has been working with groups of adults, adolescents and children for nearly 30 years. As the Ringmaster of The Connected Circus, he facilitates school programs and workshops on communication, creativity and connection. He also runs Move Forward Mentoring where he supports Men and teenager boys to find their passion, speak from their heart and build better relationships.

Along with his partner Bec, he helps couples to form more loving and deeper connections through their business, Rekindling Relationships.

Vern believes that one of the most important skills we can learn is how to better connect with ourselves, others and our community. He has a deep understanding and passion for assisting people to learn, create and engage with their world, as well as how to assist them access their unique set of talents and skills.

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