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How To Become The Best Version Of You!

Workshop Presenter: Richard Maloney
Workshop Description:

Designed for anyone wanting to create a future filled with clarity, confidence and happiness.

“If you’re anything like many of the people I’ve worked with over the last 15 years, they don’t like who they are right now or the life they are living, they feel like they are letting themselves and their families down and are worried about what the legacy is that they are creating for their family.

They have been through many personal and professional development courses and programs with their career, where they have had to step up, lead teams and improve but they realise that something has stopped them from being that best version of themselves, nothing in the past has created a significant shift.

They are still in the same pattern and they can’t see how to create a future with greater security and freedom. They feel that there has to be more to life. They lack happiness, passion, clarity and confidence and do not manage stress and anxiety well.”

– Take the 1st Step in Becoming the Blackbelt Master of Your Life –

I will provide the strategies, tools and a step-by-step process, showing you how to deal with the challenging situations in your life in a better way, so that you reduce the levels of stress and anxiety in your life.

You will discover where you fit in this world and what your passion and your purpose is, allowing you to let go of the limiting beliefs and blocks which are stopping you from becoming the very best version of yourself.

Experience Level: Beginner

Physical Involvement: Sitting

Emotional Intensity: Likely Neutral

Categories: Relationships & Communication, Emotional Development, Leadership & Purpose

About Richard:

Melbourne-based, father of three daughters, Richard Maloney is the founder and CEO of Quality Mind Global, an international mindfulness business with over 700 clients in 30+ countries. He is also the founder of Engage & Grow Global, which is now the number one employee engagement licensing company in the world.

Richard was also recognized as a finalist in the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Australian Optus Business Awards as Business Leader of the Year and Export Business of the Year and as a finalist for the 2017 Telstra Victorian Micro Business of the Year. Richard has been a headline speaker at many industry conferences and events, and he has spoken in 15 countries.

He is the author of The Minds of Winning Teams: Creating Team Success Through Engagement & Culture and co-author of Engage & Grow: 6 Steps to Building Highly Engaged Employees and Injury-Free: Mental Training for Elite Athletes. And recently, Stress-Free: How To Thrive Under Pressure in Unprecedented Times.

Richard is the founder and a co-host of the “Mindfulness in Sport” podcast series alongside professional footballer, Shaun Higgins from the NMFC, AFL.

Blokes United is also the brainchild of Richard Maloney, who is Mind Mentor to Shaun Higgins, AFL All Australian, and to Barry Hall, AFL Hall of Fame. All three are co-founders. “Being Harmless to Self and Harmless to Others is Our Motto”.

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