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How To be Rich & Keep Your Soul

Workshop Presenter: Brendan Nichols
Workshop Description:

‘How To be Rich & Keep Your Soul’ is presented by best selling author and international speaker, Brendan Nichols, who has trained tens of thousands of people.

He shows people the path to:

  • Get out of the rat race.
  • Find a clear purpose and a strong centre.
  • How to get there without killing yourself and have an amazing life.
  • The secret to balance.
  • Why people struggle, never have the life they want and how to avoid it.

This powerful workshop is from an authentic speaker, who has walked the talk. He did all of this in the real world before becoming an educator. Many of his grateful students have completely turned their life around.

About Brendan:

Brendan Nichols is a best-selling author, published by HarperCollins, appeared in the media dozens of times and trained tens of thousands of people globally. He shows people a faster track out of the rat race while discovering the purpose of your life, all through his revolutionary, new system.

He believes you should not have to kill yourself to get there – he takes 3 months holiday a year.

He originally started from nothing, developing highly successful businesses, but believes the only purpose of money is, ‘to get a life and give a life.’

He is a freedom seeker, maverick, philanthropist and adventurer – he’s clocked up a lot of time skiing in Colorado and surfing remote reefs in Indonesia.

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