Online Men’s Gathering

The Art of Gratitude – Experiencing the Magnificence of Life

Workshop Presenter: Craig Wyld
Workshop Description:

This unique experiential workshop will gently help men open their hearts to discover and experience the awe and beauty in the ordinary. As the workshop unfolds and their hearts begin to open, most men tend to discover; there is NO ordinary.

At any given moment, we are surrounded by vast riches and sheer magnificence.

With this heightened awareness, men will experience their world with a newfound insight and love, basking in appreciation and gratitude.

Based on the feedback of past participants, the positive influence of this loving workshop will continue to ripple and expand into the men’s daily lives, relationships and even their community, long after The Online Men’s Gathering has concluded.

This workshop is a truly beautiful experience on so many levels.

Experience Level: Beginner

Physical Involvement: Sitting

Emotional Intensity: Likely Soothing

Categories: Emotional Development, Sovereignty & Self-Authorship

About Craig:

Craig Wyld wholeheartedly believes in men’s work and loves the Mens Wellbeing community. He’s a current Committee member for Mens Wellbeing Inc, a Common Ground Lead Facilitator, Workshop Presenter and is heavily involved in the marketing of Men’s Wellbeing.

Craig has been actively involved in the personal development industry for over 30 years. He created and launched the ‘Clear Water Experience’ (transformational self-awareness course) back in the early 90’s.

He balances his head with his heart. In addition to his business interests, Craig is passionate about helping others. His philanthropic projects have helped benefit the lives of more than ONE MILLION KIDS so far, throughout Australia and overseas.

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