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Switching Perceptions – Understanding why You are You!

Workshop Presenter: Dr. Brett Dellar
Workshop Description:

At some point in our lives we all struggle. Men in particular really struggle…but no one ever sees it. That’s because we keep it hidden away from everyone, even from ourselves a lot of the time. But why?

Our goal is to help you see things from a different perception. When we are struggling with life, a lot of the time it is often hard to see why. This is because we are living in it and can’t see or understand it, or all our focus is just on surviving and nothing else.

Sometimes we have to step back and have a look from the outside back in. Sometimes we need a guiding hand to show us a different way…or perception. That time is now.

Here we will look at how our past, our upbringing, our traumas, our unresolved pain can all have a significant impact on who we become, how we act, behave or re-act.

There are also outside influences that can compound these issues. Most of the time they are so subtle that we don’t even know they are there…but things like society’s expectations on how we should act or behave have a MASSIVE IMPACT on who we are as Men.

It’s time to start to step back and have a look at your life from a different perspective.

It’s time to start to unravel that precious gift that has been wrapped up in layers…You – the Real YOU!

Experience Level: Beginner

Physical Involvement: Sitting

Emotional Intensity: Likely Soothing

Categories: Emotional Development

About Brett:

Brett founded “The moMENtum Revolution” – Empowering Men to be Better, which was initiated due to his own life experience. He lived with depression for 30years, wearing “ManMask’s” and pretending to the world he was “Okay”, life spiraled and progressively got harder.

Having lived with shame, guilt, embarrassment, blame & fear from unresolved past traumas, Brett finally did something about it & it turned his life around. He now shares his story to help and inspire others on their journey, showing Men that by understanding ourselves, our traumas & past & how outside influences can really impact who we are & how we act & behave.

Brett continues to work in the health care industry as a Chiropractor for 18years.

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