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How Men Supporting Women’s Wellbeing Supports Us All

Workshop Presenter: Raymond Lambert
Workshop Description:

The main elements of motivation for this workshop will be Raymond’s views on subjects close to his heart, namely:

  • the need for ourselves to become conscious of our own reality and circumstances, by enquiring, understanding and finally heal and become the true and best version of our self;
  • the imperative to fight for and achieve women’s rights; and
  • the various ways and modalities which have brought him to this point today, central to it all being the concept of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and an up-to-date and informed understanding of Trauma, mentally as well as physically.

For some of us, so-called mid-life crisis can be a catalyst for change: a long life of attending to the events of career, family, relationships, a time where life happens to us and when we don’t fully wholeheartedly, participate – when we are subjects rather than the main actors.

It would be so much more preferable to become realized-beings earlier so than we can truly enjoy living, and more importantly instill and model our healthier values to our sons and daughters.

The journey may be hard but healing is not rocket science: you’ve made it so far, in one piece, and the rest will be easy.

With regards to women’s rights, of course we are the only instruments in establishing this necessary goal: but as in planes, we have to put on the mask first in order to become able, efficient at helping others.

ACEs are all about childhood, and children should always come first. The best way to achieve optimum results for all of us – children included – is to look after our women.

Experience Level: Beginner

Physical Involvement: Some Standing & Movement

Emotional Intensity: Potentially Triggering

Categories: Relationships & Communication, Sexuality & Intimacy, Emotional Development, Leadership & Purpose

About Raymond:

Retired sea captain, 3 children. Special interests craniosacral reflexology, bodywork, trauma, quantum healing.

Works with addictions, mental health and families. First in Ireland with TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises), workshops at home and abroad. Now people come – often after years of therapy – and say “can you help me”. Interest in trauma preceded his professional holistic development. Ireland and Australia share this tragic heritage.

Trauma can happen anytime but many of our symptoms are the consequences of our earlier life, hence the connection with ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences – another first for Ireland).

Passionate advocate of Women’s Rights and WHO, if not THE MEN will achieve this goal! With better conditions for them everybody wins, children and men alike. Important information on the matter.

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