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From Childhood to the Service of Eldership – A Timeline of Masculine Development

Workshop Presenter: Paul Mischefski
Workshop Description:

Different spiritual, shamanic and indigenous traditions worldwide speak of life progressing in general cycles of seven years – each cycle presenting challenges and lessons to grow from.

Understanding your cycles and why your values can sometimes change along the way, can help create clarity of where you’ve come from – and help envision a pathway ahead.

Some lessons can be tough, even “dark nights of the soul”, but whether we view some of our choices and experiences as “mistakes”, or take them on board as learning lessons for a richness of life experience, can lead to healthy development and being at peace within.

Learning to balance the head and the heart, learning to trust your “gut” and intuition, and viewing life as a journey of human experience and embracing wisdom that might potentially help others, can add meaning, fulfilment, an expanded viewpoint and a spiritual dimension to the practicalities of life.

Many cultures embodying Eldership testify also that when we refine a sense of purpose, beingness, awareness and focus, men can do some of their greatest works and service in the later Eldership years.

So whatever age you are, where are you at along your journey in life … and where do you envisage yourself being in your Elder years? Useful and of service to your own unique calling in the world? And what do you feel Eldership might even entail?

This workshop will explore interactively, with feedback and some experiential energy processes and keys for resilience.

Experience Level: Beginner

Physical Involvement: Sitting

Emotional Intensity: Likely Soothing

Categories: Initiation & Maturation, Emotional Development, Sovereignty & Self-Authorship, Leadership & Purpose

About Paul:

Paul Mischefski grew up in an area of rich Maori spirituality in New Zealand. After many years of working as a mainstream media journalist exploring the human condition, changed pace to a life of exploring applied spiritual energy principles and wisdoms worldwide. Surviving some life-threatening challenges gave a depth of insight into the power of acceptance and living potential fully in the present.

Over 40 years he has run seminars, groups and media talks on intuitive development and at men’s gatherings in four countries. He is a men’s health advocate nationally and regionally, is a long-time member of Men’s Wellbeing and a member of MWB’s Eldership Circle. He is also an Elder with a worldwide meditation and healing foundation.

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