Online Men’s Gathering

Breaking Down the Barriers to The Real You

Workshop Presenter: Jonah Robins
Workshop Description:

Society often tells us to “just be ourselves.” But what does this really mean? Who are we?

I have discovered through many years of personal development and inner reflection that being our truest selves involves inhabiting our bodies. At a certain point on the healing journey, it is necessary for us to shift from a head-based reality, to a more grounded and body-centered one. This process of transformation can be radical for many of us, especially when our patterns of trauma and nervous system dysregulation have forced us out of ourselves. Through this experiential 90 minute workshop, I will:

1. Give you tools to work your way back into your body

2. Explain the common pitfalls of the healing journey

3. Guide you through a practice to calm your nervous system, and so much more.

Experience Level: Beginner

Physical Involvement: Space & Comfy Clothes Needed

Emotional Intensity: Likely Soothing

Categories: Relationships & Communication, Sexuality & Intimacy, Movement & Embodiment, Emotional Development

About Jonah:

Jonah Robins is a transformational coach who has synthesized a unique blend meditation practices and somatic body therapies, (TRE, Trauma and Tension Release Exercises) into a powerful multi-use healing system called “Peace From Within” that quickly and safely addresses the emotional and body-based roots of problems.

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