Online Men’s Gathering

How To Adjust From Surviving Boy To Authentic Man

Workshop Presenter: Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz
Workshop Description:

We will explore the following questions and end up with answers, practical tools and the awareness to turn things around in the moment.

  • What’s the difference between a boy and a man?
  • Which part of me run the show? My inner child, my inner protector, my inner man, my inner critic, etc?
  • How do I locate and adjust these parts so I am an authentic aware man living with calm choice?
  • How do I adjust my states of consciousness, one and for all?
  • How can I stop living in the past and fearing the future?
  • How can I be me and be free?

Experience Level: Beginner

Physical Involvement: Sitting

Emotional Intensity: Likely Neutral

Categories: Relationships & Communication, Rites of Passage, Emotional Development, Sovereignty & Self-Authorship, Leadership & Purpose

About Kenny:

People often meet me at a crossroads in their lives. At a loss or in emotional crisis lacking adequate tools, community or awareness to ‘deal with it like a man’. Either that, or they’re a success story and even through everything is crossed off their bucket lists, something deeper is stirring inside that wants to come alive. I ask the right questions and help things authentically fall together. Then the pennies drop and you become your own authentic man.

I came from dramatic beginnings: death threats, refugee camps, paternal abandonment, maternal enmeshment, childhood mental health issues and racism.

I moved to London and became a high-flying adrenaline junkie. Tight deadlines, extreme sports, anything that might distract me from the pain and emptiness I held deep within.

I realised that in order to free myself, I had to own my shadows and release the depressed ‘pause buttons’ from the past that kept me stuck in the same old story.

So I sat with my shadows and unlearned my limiting stories, turning addictive adrenaline into an enlivening endorphin buzz that I calmly share with my clients.

Previously, I worked in development in Fiji, co-ran a natural health centre in Sydney, worked with Mother Teresa’s in Calcutta whilst adventuring around the world. I followed life’s signs, resisted testing temptations and joined the jet-set island hopping seekers-of-the-truth as I unravelled what I carried within. My ‘accepted outsider’ experiences were a real gift. 

The cultures and classes I mixed in had vastly different tribal rules, ways of being, belief systems and outcomes. I got to truly know people across the board and really understand what makes different people tick. I certainly got to know myself as I took part and constantly adjusted my boundaries and beliefs in the face of new experiences. Life kept showing me where I was stuck and I discovered how to release the ‘depressed pause buttons’ as I turned it around. I taught myself to be present and respond in the moment. I sat with my shadows and unlearned my limits.

I love to pass on my simple tools and techniques. I’m proud to belie the notion that men don’t willingly speak about ourselves. I work one-on-one, with business / life partners and hold the space for men’s groups. We turn our lives around.

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